Hot* Yoga
A mindful sequence of yoga postures aimed at promoting a balance between strength and flexibility. There is minimal to no "vinyasa flow" in this class. Great for anyone beginning a Hot Yoga practice.
(9 Yogis per class)

Heated* Vinyasa
Breath and movement in harmony. Sun salutations, warrior poses, arm balances and inversions, woven together in creative flowing sequences.
(9 Yogis per class)

Yin & Yang
This format allows yogis to dedicate the first half of class to yin inspired stretches and methodology and then transition into yang inspired postures and movement for the last half of class. Designed to leave yogis in a state of balance-- peaceful and calm, yet invigorated and refreshed for the day ahead.
(9 Yogis per class)

Yin Yoga
A meditative practice with an emphasis on deep stretching. Expect to hold postures for a longer period of time offering added health and mobility to the joints and surrounding tissues.
(9 Yogis per class)

Muscle Melt*
Completely devoted to releasing tension from muscles and connective tissue, this heated variation of held stretches is excellent for athletes. Foam rollers, lacrosse balls and other props are employed to target and liberate tense muscles. An additional 15 minutes of meditation and breath work at the end complete the practice as the nervous system plays a key role in the amount of tension the muscles hold.
(9 Yogis per class)

The temperature is between 95-105 degrees, with added humidity which promotes a cleansing sweat and helps increase flexibility and detoxification in the body. Please make sure you're well hydrated BEFORE class and bring a water bottle and towel with you.

Class Fees:
• Single Class: $15
• 4 Class Per Month: $50
• 8 Class Per Month: $80
• Monthly Unlimited: $90
• Private Instruction: $60/hr