Monday, September 26, 2011


Fall into Autumn with these simple Ayurvedic tips for the season~

Favour warm ,moist, heavy food: Thick root vegetable soups and casseroles, no more raw salads and cold juices on the run!

Bring regularity into your life: Stick to a daily routine with regular meal times, more time to rest than usual, aiming to go to bed earlier and be sure to get a good 8 hours sleep– we too can benefit from our own form of hibernation, its not just for the squirrels.

Balance dryness: Apply warm oil to your body as part of your daily routine. Keep well hydrated. Just Before Sunrise (7 am latest) get out of bed and drink 750-1000 ml of hot water as quickly as possible then go back to bed or lie down until it is time to get up. This will improve elimination and pacify Vāta in its primary site which is the colon.

Reduce coldness: Bring warmth in to your life by eating warm food well and wearing warm soft clothing

Protect the ears and cover the head: this not only helps to retain heat but placates vata dosha. Apply a small amount of ghee or sesame oil in your ears morning and evening. This is also especially useful when flying and can help with jet lag.

• Balance excessive movement or quickness: Do everything more slowly and calmly. Meditation is very useful and ensures some time for silence each day and allows the senses to rest. Be still. Direct your attention inward. Notice your breath. Allow this practice to act as a protective shield to the destabilizing influences of the external environment.