Friday, November 22, 2013


"Winter is the time for comfort, 
for good food and warmth, 
for the touch of a friendly hand 
and for a talk beside the fire: 
it is the time for home." 
~Edith Sitwell~

The chill of winter is upon us! To stay in harmony with this season, consider the following Ayurvedic prescriptions found in this article~

Also found on this website is a Winter Grocery List which can serve as an excellent reminder of what foods are best to eat for optimal health during these next few months. 

Let's stay warm and well this winter. Try to embrace a little extra "down-time" at home. Take advantage of any opportunity to hibernate a bit, sip some tea, read more and cultivate your personal, daily yoga practice including asana, pranayama and meditation. You don't have to carve out an entire hour to do this. Start small, 10 minutes a day. Remember: A little Yoga a lot of the time is better that a lot of Yoga a little of the time. I've always liked that saying. 

Namaste~ Tami