Friday, February 27, 2015


 As life reemerges this Spring, be a witness. 
Hope. Risk. Become. 

There are few things as lovely as a nest of Robin's eggs.  I took this picture close to 15 years ago on the family farm my husband grew up on.  It was the first time I had seen a nest like this, first hand. It clung haphazardly to a lower limb of one of the large trees in front of the house.  I was transfixed by the extraordinary, hallmark blue of the delicate eggs cradled inside the sweetly crafted swirl of grasses and twigs--simple perfection.  I almost cried it was so beautiful! The fragility and heartiness of life collided in my mind. This little nest was teaming was life and potential, so full of hope, so full of risk, so full of everything we try to reconcile in our hearts and minds on a daily basis. This image continues to humble and inspire me.  Consider the many plans, projects and dreams we place in our proverbial "nests" to incubate, develop and hatch, or sometimes to our sorrow, not hatch. The Robin's nest bears numerous metaphors for us to crack into. Take a moment and allow this image to speak to you.