Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Autumn's Anthem

The anthem of Autumn boasts a symphony of acorns, pine-cones and colorful foliage. Metaphors are as abundant as the harvest itself during this glorious time of year. Fall invites us to celebrate the fruits of our labors, teaches us the lesson of letting go and admonishes us to prepare for the barren chill of winter. 
Ever kick around a pine cone, pick it up and marvel at the mysteries hidden inside each shingle-like scale? Or examine an acorn in reverent reflection of the mighty oak's humble beginnings? Allow Autumn to enchant you, to lift your awareness and sweep you off your feet and into a forest or an orchard where you can listen to Autumn's anthem in true "surround sound".  Watch a squirrel's tail dance in a nut-gathering frenzy. Shuffle or skip through the confetti of leaves beneath your feet. Breathe in the smoke from a distant bonfire and sink your teeth into a juicy Jonagold apple. Show up! Show up for the party, the Earth's last hurrah! You are officially invited!