Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Harvest

Harvest season is an exciting time of year! Gardens everywhere are performing their grand finales. It's so rewarding to plant a seed, nurture it, witness the growth and longed for arrival at it's glorious potential. It is much like parenting I suppose, and also much like nurturing any tender dream, project or even your own yoga practice. Hopefully you are reaping the harvest of a consistent practice. Perhaps you just plucked your first, sun-ripened "crow pose" off the vine. It has taken months for this posture to find roots, blossom and fruit- how amazing it feels!  Maybe you're noticing the freedom in your hamstrings in forward folds or feeling the increased strength of your arms, lower back and abdominals in chaturanga. There are many benefits to be harvested as we continue to work and play in our metaphoric gardens both on and off the yoga mat. Delight in the harvest, however small it may seem and embrace the sacred, ongoing cycles of plowing, planting, watering and harvesting again and again.
~Blessed Autumn~